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Learn About The SIR Conference Committee! 

SIR Conference Chair, Austin Tucker, talks about the work the SIR conference committee does. Click here to learn more. 

Annual Conference Committee

Responsible for developing the program, securing speakers, and creating the event budget for the SIR Annual Conference. Committee members typically focus on one of the four conference tracks—Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Life, and Health.


Jennifer Chase, American Financial


Austin Tucker, Verisk

Committee Members:    

Micheal Myers, USAA 

Lorrin Rondeau, AIG

Thomas Frank, Erie Insurance

Richard Skyba, Moda Health 

Boris Shoykhet, Protective Life

Sharon Markovsky, Verisk

Samantha Chow, Capgemini

Jody Decker, InfoDesk

Nicole Ricci, Verisk

Austin Black, InfoDesk

Amelia Fitch

Candace Thornton, Sapiens

Laura Glaser, The Hanover Insurance Group

Theo Fielding, Progressive

Vickie Kilgore, The Institutes/Insurance Research Council

Kiya Fix, American Financial Group

Ron Zezza, Cigna

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Research Committee

Assists the Vice President of Research in identifying new research topics and providing support for SIR research efforts.


Justin Suter, Corporate Insight, Inc.

Committee Members:

Matthew Berkley, Reinsurance Group of America

Stanislav Ivanov, Companion Group

Olesya Karpenko, The Institutes

James Nofziger, Bellomy Market Research

Richard Skyba, Moda Health

David Cox, Nexus Insight Advisors, Inc.

Jose Santana, Corporate Insight

Jodie Tessmann, American Family Insurance 

Brandon Hurst, Hanover Insurance

Lars Powell, Center for Risk and Insurance Research

Luca Russignan, Capgemini

Brian Kiley, West Bend Mutual Insurance

Cory Schoofs, West Bend Mutual Insurance

James Schnur, Celina Insurance

Luke Fraser, Stepwise Innovations

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Executive Advisory Council 

The Executive Advisory Committee is a committee established to (i) ensure that the SIR’s Board of Directors (the “Board”), as well as individual Board members, has the skills and competencies necessary to perform at the highest level, (ii) support the Board in fulfilling its responsibility to identify persons for election as officers, directors, and Honorary Life Members and (iii) serve as advocates for the SIR member value proposition.

Mike Myers, USAA

Committee Members:

Amelia Fitch, American Family Insurance

Jennifer Evert, American Financial Group
David Kalinowski, Proactive Worldwide

Sharon Markovsky, Verisk

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Strategic Planning Committee


Patrick Sturgeon, Fletcher CSI

Committee Members:

Tammy Dresen, American Family Insurance

Jen Evert, American Financial Group

Sharla Floyd, American Family Insurance

Amelia Fitch

Dan Hill, Carfax

Chris Rzany, Fidelity Life


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Research Workshops
Summit Committee

Responsible for developing the program, securing speakers, and creating the event budget for the SIR Spring Research Workshops. The committee will also be responsible for securing commitments from members to host the event and will incorporate them into the planning process.

Waverly Weinberg, Mass Mutual

Committee Members:

Amelia Fitch

Sharon Markovsky, Verisk

Mike Myers, USAA

Lori Schoenenberger, Amerisure Insurance

Cheng Yang, American Family Insurance 

Neil Rekhi, HSB

Sridhar Manyem, AM Best

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Education & Educational Outreach Committee

Identifies timely and engaging topics for SIR webinars and virtual education. Coordinates with speakers in preparation for upcoming webinars.


Eryn Campbell, NAIC

Committee Members:

Jennifer Chase, American Financial Group

Kendall Gadie, Comperemedia, a Mintel Company

Amy Glynn, American Family Insurance

Adrienne Kreger, American Financial Group

Vickie Kilgore, The Institutes / Insurance Research Council

Sharla Floyd, American Family Insurance
Kara Kahley, Sedgwick

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Marketing Committee

Provides communications support to promote the association and keep SIR activities and accomplishments in the news through press releases, advertising, social media, and industry partnerships.


Pam Granzin, SCOR

Committee Members:

Mike Myers, USAA

Alison Hirst, Cigna

Kristina Feldkamp, American Modern Insurance Group

Alyssa Gittleman, Conning

Lori Schoenenberger, Amerisure Insurance

David Cox, Nexus Insight Advisors

Erik Glitman, Fletcher CSI

Kelli McCartin, Amica Mutual Insurance

Bill Callahan, Coax Insights

Carol Knox, Coax Insights

Jeffrey Sisk - Florida Blue

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Membership Committee

Marty Ellingsworth

Committee Members:

Mike Myers, USAA

Richard Skyba, Moda Health

Jeff Piotrowski, Jornaya 

Waverly Weinberg, Mass Mutual

Candace Thornton, Sapiens

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee


Lena Namilikonda, CinFin

Committee Members:

Theo Fielding, Progressive

Brian Jones, American Family Insurance

Sharla Floyd, American Family Insurance

Larry Nelson-Guillen, American Family Insurance 

Sheri Mathis, TransUnion

 Mike Myers, USAA

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Lori Schoenenberger
Amerisure Insurance

“To me, being a member of SIR is about belonging to a group of people who share a passion for providing tools and insights that help the companies we work for win. Whether you're doing the research yourself, presenting insights, or even figuring out how to set up your own market and competitive intelligence function, there is an SIR member who has been there, done it, and can provide guidance and expertise.”

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