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2022 SIR Virtual Spring Research Workshops Summit

April 12 & 14, 2022

9 am - 3 pm Central Time, 10 am - 4 pm Eastern, 7 am - 1 pm Pacific

SIR Members and non-members are invited to join us for our virtual event April 12 & April 14 for a variety of intensive, practical, skill-development sessions.

Whether you are new to research (traditional market research or competitive intelligence) in the insurance industry, or a veteran seeking to brush-up on critical skills, you will gain valuable new learnings at the 2022 SIR Spring Research Workshop. As the insurance industry evolves to meet the demands of a new generation, a changing economy, a faster decision-making process reliant on evidence-based insights, and increasing technology advancements, fine tuning your professional skills becomes ever more important. Meet and learn from your peers from carriers and hear the diverse perspectives of other thought leaders on how they are adapting to challenges in the end-to-end journey – from properly diagnosing stakeholder requests to setting expectations to demonstrating / measuring value and other parts of the process in between.



Filling the Gap: Raising Life Insurance Literacy in the US

May 19, 2022

12 pm - 1 pm Central Time, 1 pm - 2 pm Eastern, 10 am - 11 am Pacific

COVID-19 has amplified US consumers’ interest and life insurance sales. But the protection gap continues to exist. To sustain this life insurance sales boom even in the post-COVID period, life insurance companies need to find ways to maintain consumers’ interest in life insurance products and make them more affordable and the purchase process easier.

ReMark’s latest Global Consumer Survey report found that there also is a gap between perceived and actual “life insurance literacy.” You may be surprised to find out how US consumers fare against global peers, as well as how greatly each generation’s gap between perceived and actual life insurance knowledge differs. What can life insurers do to close this literacy gap? Come learn more and join our discussion. 

Allison Broglie, Head of North American, ReMark 
Hiroe Noonan, Manager, Market Research and Analytics, SCOR/ReMark


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